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Half a million deal on the strength of personality

In today’s corporate world we can sometimes overlook the power of personality – big mistake!

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Proxy measurements: how some numbers can be misleading and dangerous

Ever wondered how important some so-called performance metrics actually are? Well check this out.

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Beware: not all good profit is good profit.

If you make a healthy profit you might think things are all OK but are they? Perhaps not….

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How important is a corporate brand?

Everybody keeps banging on about how important a strong corporate brand is but is this really true?

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The most powerful word in sales and persuasion is……

Just what is the most powerful word in both selling and persuasion?

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Why you should connect on LinkedIn to everybody in your organisation

Should you really connect on LinkedIn to the people you work with? Definitely yes and here’s why PLUS some text you can use in an email to your organisation to help your colleagues answer the same question.

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Common Tendering Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Like them or loathe them you can’t ignore tenders. Here Craig MIllhouse explores half a dozen of the most common mistakes people make when preparing tender responses.

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