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Proxy measurements: how some numbers can be misleading and dangerous

Ever wondered how important some so-called performance metrics actually are? Well check this out.

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The 1st Rule of Hi-impact Presentations as Practised by Steve Jobs

So what is the the 1st Rule of presentations as practiced by the late great Steve Jobs?

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Curation: how to stand out and add REAL value to your stakeholders.

No budget; not much spare time but still need to differentiate yourself from your competitors and be seen as a valuable person to know? Well curation could be just the thing for you.

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Getting people to make decisions especially when there’re loads of options!

Getting decisions out of people especially when there are loads of options can be hard. Here are two things that will make it considerably easier.

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Got a suspicion that holding corporate events is a waste of time and money?

Ever run or attended an event and wondered what the benefits were? It”s easy for events to be a waste of time and money – here’s how to get the most out of them.

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The most powerful word in sales and persuasion is……

Just what is the most powerful word in both selling and persuasion?

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When does language become jargon?

Want to know the difference between language and jargon? You heard it here first folks……..

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