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10 ways to make 2014 more successful and less stressful than 2013

10 practical and eminently doable ways to make 2014 much more successful and much less stressful that 2013.

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Is this the most important blog post I’ve ever published?

Is this the most important post I’ve ever published?

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The business blight of the 21st century – corporate burn-out and what to do about it.

Suffering from corporate burn-out? Too many hours, too many emails, way too much stress and the answer is………

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The Top 10 TED talks you simply HAVE to watch…..

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and is like YouTube for grown-ups where the videos are by invitation only. These are my top 10.

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Are you a corporate zombie?

Engrossed with the next email, telephone call or meeting? No time to think or reflect? Loving it? You could already be a corporate zombie so check to see you have a pulse and read this – time is running out.

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Vampires, Vanillas and Voltages.

There are three kinds of people in your lives: do you know who they are and what can you do about it?

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Why you shouldn’t take fruit on your holidays…

Holidays looming up? Always like to stay in touch? Taking your “electronic office” with you? Think again if you want to be more productive when you get back.

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