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Proof that it’s the little things that matter.

Sometimes we concentrate on the big things when in fact it’s the small things that have the biggest effect. A real life example that should make you think.

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Interview with Tim Aspinall MP of DMH Stallard on the Riverview Alliance

The announcement of a formal strategic alliance between DMH Stallard and Riverview Law to satisfy the changing needs of business customers. Tim Aspinall shares his views on this bold move.

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Bryan Hughes Interview

Bryan Hughes is the CEO of the global law firm Eversheds. In this interview he speaks candidly about growth, the use of technology and the changing character of business development within his firm.

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Book Review: Avoiding Extinction: Reimagining Legal Services for the 21st Century

Mitch Kowalski describes with complete clarity what a law firm of the future is likely to look like. Read this review and find out what it looks like.

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Riverview Law from LawVest – is this the future of corporate law?

Riverview is one of the new breed of legal services provider – learn more here.

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5 ways to deal with increasingly cost-sensitive tenders for work

More and more work is handed out via tenders and most tenders are highly cost sensitive. Here are 5 ways to approach this increasingly crucial aspect of business development.

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Is this the biggest challenge faced by law firms today?

There seem to be a wave of challenges bearing down on the legal services cove but are we over-looking the most obvious one?

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