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10 ways to make 2014 more successful and less stressful than 2013

10 practical and eminently doable ways to make 2014 much more successful and much less stressful that 2013.

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Curation: how to stand out and add REAL value to your stakeholders.

No budget; not much spare time but still need to differentiate yourself from your competitors and be seen as a valuable person to know? Well curation could be just the thing for you.

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Is it really worth having a mentor?

Honestly do you think it’s worth having a mentor? I do and here’s my story.

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5 things that will make you GREAT

Ever wondered what makes great people great? Here are the top 5 things they all seem to be able to do.

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Garbage in; garbage out.

One simple piece of advice to make sure you thrive and prosper in these difficult times.

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5 Ways to create a self-motivated sales team that get’s outstanding results

So how can you create a self-motivating team of high performance sales people? Alan Kenny of Mimecast shares his proven approach.

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Why training is mostly a waste of money

We all spend money on training but how come so little of it actually results in any change?

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