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Purple Time in Business Development

How to innovate, problem solve and develop your vision in your own time. As practised by all great business people, athletes and over achievers. use Purple time to get yourself in control and provide a clear direction for yourself.

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GYLB – #5 Be inspired

Take a moment to think about what and who really inspire you.

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My Top 10 Helen Keller Quotations

Helen Keller’s top 10 quotations – very inspiring and thought provoking.

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Lift morale, team spirit and performance with no investment

How can you lift your employees, raise the morale of the team and strengthen team spirit with no investment at all?

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GYLB – #2 Do more of what makes you feel energised

I have a friend who recently went to Japan. Whilst there he met a Buddhist monk who happened to be leading their meditation session. Now the thing with my pal was he had a big question he wanted answering, perhaps

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An inspirational example of human achievement

Here’s a story that will make you realise that nothing can defeat the human spirit when it decides it wants to achieve something. Daniel Kish had is eyes removed at the age of 13 months due to retinal cancer and

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