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So why don’t people change then? 5 ways to make people develop.

We spend billions on training and development and yet change doesn’t happen. We explore why this is and what can be done about it.

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How To Be Great At What You Do

Whatever your vocation there are always aspects of your job that you could improve upon.

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Is training a waste of money?

Imagine walking into a book shop (a bit easier than imagining all the books on Amazon) and seeing all those books: millions of words all designed to entertain, inform and educate you. You can buy a book for a few

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Gathering Purple Time

I remember the day I had my first mobile phone. It was fitted into my car and meant that all that “dead time” I spent driving I could now dedicate to catching up with my calls and keeping on top

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The most common mistake made at that first client meeting….

The most common mistake that any business developer can make on their first meeting with a prospective client. Easy to avoid and will make you stand out.

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Seeing the future through the eyes of the past

So this young man and young woman get married. All goes well and the young wife says “I’d like to cook you a Sunday dinner on our first Sunday together”. He agrees and looks forward to the great feast to

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Being Great At Everything

There must be thousands of bookshops in the UK, each one in turn containing hundreds, possibly thousands of self improvement books. I would imagine for any aspect of your business or personal life that you want to improve somebody out

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