Guest Post: Can Powerful Relationships Be Created In Cyber Space?

This is the first of a series of guests post by Heather Townsend of The Efficiency Coach whose excellent blog can be found here:

Online RelationshipsOnce again, I was reading part of an article by Kevin Wheeler, published on Accountancy Age, where he states:

Initiating and building relationships with decision-makers who might use your services, or refer you to others, happens through face-to-face personal contact. …. Such relationship initiation and subsequent building does not happen in cyberspace.

It is a very interesting view, and one which is held by a lot of people. Can you actually build meaningful relationships using cyber space?

My answer is a very definite ‘yes’.

Let me explain:

There are 5 levels of a relationship – starting at ‘identify’, ‘engage’, ‘strengthen’, ‘collaborate’ and ‘inner circle’. For more details of this model please see my blog post on ‘when does a contact become a connection?

It’s only when you get to the strengthen level that any meaningful business building opportunities will come via the relationship. To get to this level of a relationship, always takes face-to-face contact via the phone, skype or in person. In an ideal world, you would actually be able to meet them in person, but often distance makes this impractical. [As an aside, on the strength of only 2 skype phone calls and many e-mails and tweets, one of my network is literally flying halfway around the world to meet me. So don’t discount the power of ‘just’ a phone call.]

What ‘cyberspace’ is great for is helping you to actually identify, initiate and warm up a relationship. Let me give you a real and concrete example to demonstrate my point. Two days ago I received an invite on LinkedIn from someone I had never met or talked to. You could say it was the cyber equivalent of a cold call. (Which Kevin advises you don’t do). This was such a compelling reason to talk that I phoned the person up immediately, and then spent half a day with them 24 hours later. I came away from the meeting knowing that I had started a very powerful and mutually beneficial business relationship. This all started from a relationship initiated in cyberspace. This is likely to be one of the most important people I will meet this whole year…

Whenever I meet my twitter contacts in real life, the conversation always flows because we already know so much about each other.

If you need even further proof of the benefit of using the cyberspace to help you meet the right people. I recently looked through my client and pipeline list. As I looked down the list, 90% of all my new business has come from a relationship which started via twitter or was maintained via twitter and linkedin. In fact the most important people, e.g. my co-director and my VA, within my business and around my business have nearly ALL come from a relationship which initially started on Twitter.

Have I convinced you yet of the benefits of using both online and offline networking?

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Passionate about making business development a profession not just a job. Built and sold a £40m group in less than 9 years. Doing it all again and loving it!

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Mike Ames

Passionate about making business development a profession not just a job. Built and sold a £40m group in less than 9 years. Doing it all again and loving it!

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