Memory days: the smell of roses in December

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What were you doing a week last Tuesday? A pound to a penny you can’t remember, I know I can’t so was it a bad day or a good day? Honestly I don’t know but what I do know is it wasn’t a memorable day and that’s sad.

In the early 1990’s my partner had cruelly been taken from us in a car accident and I was afraid we would go bankrupt so I worked all the time. I also feel the need to fess up: as scary as it was I enjoyed every minute; it was a real roller-coaster of a time but it was also energising, engaging and just a little bit addictive. It’s just that I can’t recall any of it and I didn’t see my family very much either.

Therein lies the problem: if we are engaged by our jobs and enjoy what we do then we tend to do more of it. Added to this modern technology makes us contactable practically 24/7 result: lots of work, lots or money,lots of excitement but hardly any memories.

Walk On The Beach

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So here’s my thing: Memory days are the ones that you will recall in years to come; the only proof that you actually did have a life so it is incredibly important to get as many as possible. You might even keep your marriage alive and maintain some kind of relationship with your children. Oh, whilst I’m on a roll there is no such thing as “quality time” with kids just time and they want as much of it as they can get so don’t kid yourself.

Now let me define a memory day. It goes something like this: –

  • Something you don’t usually do
  • Preferably spent with your loved ones doing something they want to do.
  • Try and get an overnight stay in if you can – it makes it more memorable.
  • Do not take your Blackberry, PDA or any other hand-held piece of electrical wizardry
  • Avoid time constraints if you can – you really don’t have to be anywhere but the here and now.
  • Book them in in advance – the New Year beckons why not put aside 12 Memory days right now?
  • Take loads of pictures and post them on Facebook
  • Keep a file where members of the family can put ideas, clips from magazines, brochures anything that looks like fun. They will love doing this by the way.

Let me end on this. The world conspires against us to rob us of our days and by the time we realise this depressing fact it is usually too late. When you get old do you really want to reminisce about the times you had at work or the impressive meeting schedules you ran with – I think not.

Don’t delay – become the hero of your family and have a laugh: book your first memory day right now!


Passionate about making business development a profession not just a job. Built and sold a £40m group in less than 9 years. Doing it all again and loving it!

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2 comments on “Memory days: the smell of roses in December
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  2. parmson says:

    Spot on Mike! A great reminder! Life is not a rehearsal. Precious time is slipping away. And worse, time IS definitely speeding up, the older you get. Have you ever been on holiday for a fortnight? Of course you have! You arrive on the Saturday. Sunday morning you wake up, excited about all the time you’ve got to enjoy yourself. Then it’s Wednesday of the first week. And you think to yourself – “I’ve been here ages! It’s only Wednesday! I’ve got tons of time to enjoy myself!” Then, it’s Saturday and you think to yourself “I’ve only had a week! Hey, hey, hey! I’ve got another week to enjoy myself! Fantastic!”
    Then, suddenly, you’re on the plane home!
    Where does that second week go? I’m betting, a fair few reading this, like you and me Mike, will be well into their second week! P-/
    Seize the day!

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Passionate about making business development a profession not just a job. Built and sold a £40m group in less than 9 years. Doing it all again and loving it!

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